Tag: drow


  • Sinjra Dyrr

    Sinjra Dyrr resides in the [[Duskmire Swamp]] with her family, where she obsesses over a past wrong that was done to her. She spends most of her time plotting revenge against Sariel.

  • Faeryn Dyrr

    Faeryn has always resented living under the strict guidance of her mother, Sinjra. Faeryn also despises the decline of her family as a result of Sinjra's obsession with Sariel. Living on the surface, the Dyrr family is practically a disgrace--something …

  • Caius Marthol

    Caius is an elite warrior in service to the Dyrr family. He is deeply in love with Faeryn and supports her wholeheartedly. He was hopeful that the party would be able to deal with their issue with Faeryn's mother...but that was not the case. He most …